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Visible symptoms and risk of Coronary Artery Disease

If you face any shortness of breath, please don’t ignore it because it could happen due to some heart problem. If your heart arteries start accumulating plaque, so it turns to the bad condition and blood flow will not remain the same.  And if the speed of the blood flow slows, you will pain in the heart. This condition is due to coronary artery disease (CAD), which may be the initial symptoms of this disease. In angina, you may feel the intense pain in your overall chest area. The pain often called heart burning, squeezing, tightness, heaviness, pressure, or a low ache will remain for a few minutes. This pain is so intense and hard to pinpoint properly, but some people explain it by gripping a fist to their chest area.

Unpredictable intensive heart pain could be a heart attack:

At first, you’re only possible to notice angina pain when you’re doing a workout. This intensive pain should get vanished as quickly as you rest or take a nap. But, if the dangerous plaque continues to assemble, your heart will face the severe angina pain in any situation. Angina pain may attack you in the middle of the night or daytime. Unpredictable or unexpected angina is a dominant predictor of a heart attack problem. Coronary artery disease (CAD) usually occurs in the body, when a dangerous fatty material called plaque gathers in the heart arteries that go to the heart, stopping the function of the heart and slow down the blood supply, which may lead to a possible heart attack condition.

When shortness of breath occurs repeatedly:

If the heart is not functioning properly, then it means it is not getting proper oxygen. And, if the heart is not getting enough oxygen supply, then it is automatically not getting the proper blood into it. Due to this condition, coronary artery disease patients often feel tired and breathless and they are usually drowsy and lethargic. Keep in mind that we all are human beings and some point, we feel tired and get breathless. But, if you may face this condition regularly and repeatedly, then it is a serious matter. Please observe if you feel breathless and lack of strength, which cause shivering and sweating in the body, so you should concern and immediately contact your doctor. It will get worse with the passage of time, and cause cardiovascular disease or you may face the heart attack. Just check your health and these symptoms sharply and resolve it by seeing a doctor.

Many people die because of this disease because they ignore the visible symptoms, so it’s better to treat this disease in its early stage. Certain factors may enhance your possibility for coronary artery problem, including age, sex, and family history. However, harmful personal choices like eating junk foods, smoking cigarettes and not doing any workout also enhance the risk of getting this disease. So, stay healthy, eat proper food and keep your life simple.

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